Wearable Ecosystems for Alien ENVIRONMENTS

Wearable Ecosystems for Alien Environments (WEFAE) is a critical expression and exploration of sustainability for such a future alien world. WEFAE fuses modular wearable technology, bio-art, insects, and physical computing to produce homeostatic systems that interact with both the wearer and environment. The project seeks to call attention to symbiotic relationships between humans and other organisms, sustainability and the potential future integration of technology, ecology, and humanity. WEFAE was made in collaboration with Fito Segrera.

  • roleConcept, Fabrication, Programming
  • mediumAcrylic, Arduino, Ants
  • Year2013
Documentation Video
Final WEFAE on mannequin.
Diagram of WEFAE enclosure.

Fito and I putting finishing touches on WEFAE.
Detail of WEFAE components.