The scientist found a way to cross-breed animal and plant organisms. The most common food product is a bioengineered crossing between green/blue algae and nutria. The algae produces glucose that is ingested by the animal cells, thus growing the organism simply known as onjẹ. The surface of the organism can be scraped to provide a vegetarian meal, or harvested for meat. Because the vegetable part, when eaten raw, is bitter, it is customary to season with palm oil and vinegar. The meat part is safe to eat raw when consumed within an hour from harvesting. When caressed the organism secretes a sugary paste that has been calibrated to meet daily dietary needs.

There are colonies where chimneys emit plumes of noxious gasses, the air is thick and black, and the smoke sticks to the dwellings. Some of these gasses are naturally generated, sulphur dioxide, methane, soot from the volcanic activities… but the main bulk is man made. To guard against these gasses it is advisable to don afẹ́fẹ́.

ẹnu is an engineered techno-organism, an expression of the new modes of communication that go beyond human-to-human communication. ẹnu allows the traveler to communicate with entities she/he might encounter along the way. Colloquially known as the Frank Drake Communicator, the device utilizes three main modes of communicating. 1) human to human: sensorial; transmission of empathy / emotion and verbal communication. 2) human to machine: data transfer. 3) human to non-human / alien: haptic, sound, light.

  • roleConcept, Fabrication, Programming
  • mediumRaspberry Pi, expanding foam, Arduino, feathers, fur, speaker, cloth
  • Year2015